Say hello to a personalized mental health journey you'll never get tired of.

Pink AI is a modern day approach to counseling. Experience the power of artificial intelligence.

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Why Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health?

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    90% cheaper than other support services.

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    Always available, Any time, any day, and from anywhere.

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    100% confidential. No data is shared or compromised. You can share anything.

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    Customize your Ai to best suit you! Simply tell it your preferences.

Our Mission is to Restore Humanity

By offering the support necessary to enhance your life, we empower individuals to regain control of their lives and embrace a bright future. Let Pink accompany you on your tranformative journey.

Why Pink AI?

Pink AI learns from a diverse pool of personal development resources to provide you with attentive, tailored guidance. We are developing Pink with the support of trusted experts, thought leaders, and world-renowned mentors.

In our commitment to improving the lives of people around the world, we are matching each subscription with a complimentary membership to someone in need. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a guiding light — a teacher, a mentor, a companion on their journey through life.